Our commitments

As an R&D institute for urban energy transition, Efficacity is particularly committed to setting an example in terms of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER). Creativity, dynamism, sharing and trust hold a central place in all the institute’s activities.

Our day to day R&D practice


Efficacity’s teams are composed of public and private sector researchers and experts from many different horizons. The interaction between them creates extraordinary opportunities for dialogue and creativity.

Each individual’s contribution is made in a climate of respect and trust: academic researchers bring to the table their expertise, their knowledge of the international state of the art, their culture of evaluation, etc., while the professional specialists from the world of business bring their experience on the ground, their knowledge of actors’ needs, their understanding of market trends, etc.

All this makes Efficacity a forum where all the everyday issues of sustainable development can be taken into account, using a variety of complementary approaches.

Developing and disseminating knowledge

Efficacity is developing a Wiki platform intended to transcribe and disseminate the knowledge it has acquired in the field of energy transition. The platform, conceived as a knowledge sharing resource, is made up of state of the art reviews, case studies and feedback reports, all freely available. It is a collaborative tool intended to foster the spirit of sharing.

Supporting innovation rooted in reality on the ground

In all its work with local authorities, industry, planners and energy engineers, Efficacity sets out to promote the emergence of innovative solutions applicable in the real world, taking into account the capacities and constraints of stakeholders and users.
In pursuit of that aim, Efficacity has developed its skills in the field of action research, and all its R&D projects are based on territories that serve as test beds and on operational actors.