About us

The R&D Institute for Urban Energy & Ecological Transition

Efficacity is the French R&D institute for urban energy and ecological transition, founded in 2014 under the auspices of the French government’s Investments for the Future (PIA) programme. Efficacity is a partnership-based R&D centre unique of its kind in France, involving some thirty public and private actors. The Institute is made up of some 100 researchers and experts working together to develop and implement innovative solutions for building the city of the future: a city that is energy efficient and massively low carbon. Efficacity is located in the heart of the Cité Descartes campus, a French Sustainable City cluster.

Key figures

Our three hubs

With the aim of ensuring the consistency and effectiveness of our initiatives, Efficacity is organized into three hubs, each covering one of three complementary fields. We see this as the best possible solution for achieving our goal of accelerating innovations in the field of urban energy and ecological transition and deploying them on a large scale.