Performs simple and rapid identification, characterization and scenario generation for the exploitation of renewable and recovered energy (R&RE) reservoirs at territory scale.

Software aims

  • 1st level: geolocation of R&RE sources, cartographic analysis of territories and concise didactic information on these sources;
  • 2nd level: estimation of the quality and quantity of R&RE exploitable in response to the thermal demand of buildings at district and even territory scale;
  • 3rd level: pre-sizing and technical and economic analysis of optimal R&RE mixes at district or even territory scale.

The elements calculated by EnergyMapper can be used for a variety of studies:

  • identification and characterization of R&RE reservoirs at regional and local scales (SRCAE and PCAET);
  • reflection phase in the tender process (planner, PMA, operator);
  • forward-looking, prefeasibility or sensitivity studies (for design offices, planners or industrialists and R&D teams).

Target users

EnergyMapper is designed to help three types of actor to integrate R&RE sources into urban planning for a territory:

  • local authorities;
  • design or engineering offices, PMAs or heating & cooling network operators;
  • R&D teams as part of more detailed analyses.

Use case

EnergyMapper is an extension of the already operational Recov’Heat software (for estimating the potential of waste energy sources in an urban environment) to all renewable and recovered energy (R&RE) sources present locally, i.e. potentially:

  • renewables: thermal and PV solar, geothermal and biomass;
  • recovered energy: sources of waste urban and industrial heat.

EnergyMapper is used to identify and analyse these reservoirs and draw up optimum scenarios for their use, considering actual operating constraints. These reservoirs help to meet the energy demand of buildings in the district selected by the user.

Value added

The various actors concerned do not always have exhaustive quantitative knowledge of the R&RE potential of the territory in question. The aim of EnergyMapper is to provide an objective estimate of this potential at an early (i.e. pre-feasibility) stage of a development project, from a minimum of input data.

EnergyMapper provides the user with various optimized scenarios that can be used to make a preliminary selection from a range of R&RE possibilities, based on technical, economic and environmental indicators. From this preliminary selection, the user can then go on to select the most pertinent energy systems, using EnergyScreener, then study the performance of these systems using the dynamic simulations provided by PowerDIS.

Current and future software functionalities

Recov’heat (operational)

  • detection and recovery of data on sources of urban waste heat only;
  • determination of an energy demand profile at district scale;
  • scoreboard of technical and economic results in the prefeasibility phase.

EnergyMapper (under development)

  • detection and recovery of data on R&RE sources;
  • determination of an energy demand profile at district scale;
  • creation and evaluation of multi-source scenarios to minimize the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for different target R&RE ratios;
  • sizing of exploitation technology (exchangers, heat pumps);
  • evaluation of storage solutions;
  • integration of operating constraints (on heating & cooling networks in particular);
  • scoreboard of technical and economic results in the prefeasibility phase.

For more information

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