DIVD Le Relais des Possibles: Fontainebleau-Avon station and its territory in transition

How to design the station and its new uses in conjunction with territorial actors?


The objective of this project to transform a station in the Paris region to meet citizens’ twofold aspirations in terms of quality of life and freedom of movement, in a climate in which the SNCF group and local authorities are under pressure both to rationalise their costs and find innovative and ecologically viable solutions.


The mission carried out by Efficacity consisted of developing a full diagnostic of the multimodal hub using both the innovative tools developed by the institute and a mix of qualitative methods deployed during a field immersion exercise by Cerema.

On the basis of these findings, local actors were presented with proposed intervention scenarios at both station and territorial scale.

A new form of governance appropriate to the introduction of this type of multi-scale and multi-actor intervention needs to be defined, in preparation for the ultimate development of original economic models geared to this new way of operating a station with and for the benefit of local actors (public sector, business, users, and residents).


  • Quantitative survey;
  • Qualitative survey;
  • Implementation of the Pôle Gare Efficacity toolbox (UrbaWalk, Chronotype, Node Place) ;
  • Actors’ Club and shared Station Challenge;
  • Innovative economic models workshop.


A number of potential avenues for improvement were identified at both station level (intermodality, active transport modes, station furniture, innovative services, events, etc.) and territory level (continuity of signage, relocation of a Tourist Office branch, etc.). Setting up an Actors’ Club opened the prospect of encouraging involvement (including financial) by new territorial actors and/or potential investors.

Client SNCF Mobilités

Dates 2017

Members CEREMA, AREP designlab

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Une gare ordinaire dans un territoire extraordinaire : de nombreuses opportunités d’actions pour amplifier les potentiels du territoire