Translating the objective of energy efficiency and ecological transition into the NPNRU and the new PIA

How to support energy transition in public policy?


The commitment of national urban renewal agency ANRU to energy excellence and innovation in its new national urban renewal programme (NPNRU) led the agency to call on Efficacity for support.


Efficacity was tasked with:

  • Translation into regulatory and contractual terms of the energy efficiency and ecological transition target set in the NPNRU;
  • Preparation of the first call for expressions of interest to pursue innovation in NPNRU projects thanks to supplementary PIA funding (70M€).


  • Support in the definition and regulatory transcription into NPNRU specifications of the “energy efficiency and ecological transition” objective;
  • State of the art review of the main approaches and methodologies for the evaluation, labelling and certification of sustainable planning operations;
  • Formulation of a panel of performance indicators for evaluating energy efficiency and ecological transition objectives in NPNRU operations;
  • Tests on two urban policy priority districts, selected by ANRU.


The mission resulted in:

  • Drawing up the rules of ANRU financing to promote the energy performance of projects;
  • Drawing up a shortlist of indicators, in agreement with ANRU’s Strategy Department, following verification of their pertinence and robustness with regard to the availability of usable data (national databases and, where necessary, local sources);
  • Drafting the Innovation CFEI issued by ANRU in April 2015, following which some twenty urban renewal projects were selected;
  • Provision of training for local urban renewal actors, through regional forums (FRARU).

Client Agence Nationale de la Rénovation Urbaine (ANRU)

Dates 2015-2016

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La forte ambition de l’ANRU en matière d’excellence énergétique et d’innovation dans son Nouveau Programme National du Renouvellement Urbain l’a conduit à nous solliciter pour son accompagnement