Evaluations of major urban programmes

Developing methods for the environmental and socio-economic evaluation of urban and territory projects.

Our offering

We are developing robust methodologies for multicriteria (environmental, economic and social) evaluation of major programmes of urban projects, their impacts on the territory, degree of innovation, efficiency, longevity, replicability, etc.

Our aim is to encourage the emergence of a new culture of evaluation, as yet underdeveloped in France, that will make it possible to capitalise on success stories and learn from the difficulties posed by projects.

Our references

Evaluation of the energy/carbon impact, efficiency, longevity and replicability of the urban innovations in the “Ville de Demain” programme – 30 EcoCités and 350 projects, €2bn in investments  (Find out more)
Evaluation of the national “Territoires d’Innovation” programme – 24 territories – €3bn in investments
  Evaluation of the “Territoires d’Innovation” programme in the Ile-de-France Region and in the Dunkirk Urban Community.
Introduction of the deployment, monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the Contrats de Transition Ecologique (CTE) programme (Find out more)
Support on the introduction of a monitoring and evaluation methodology for India’s national CITIIS programme  (Find out more)

Contact us

Lionel Cauchard

Project Director

Tel : +33 (0)1 61 44 13 34

Email : l.cauchard@efficacity.com