Experimentation Territories

Across the board support to territories and businesses in testing innovative solutions.

Our offering

Given the profusion of innovations and the changes that accompany their implementation, experimentation allows for faster action, limiting the risks of error and allowing for final adjustments to be made prior to larger scale implementation.

We help territories devise and deploy comprehensive experimentation programmes for technological or organisational innovations on a small scale and under real-life conditions, and thus to become fully-fledged Experimentation Territories.

Our value-added

This is based on our ability to integrate all of our offerings into a coherent whole, to help territories to:

  • define their innovation strategy and their priorities for the territory
  • establish a collaborative culture that is agile and user-centred
  • mount concrete experimentations on the technical, legal, financial and organizational fronts
  • evaluate the results and the conditions for deployment of experimentation on a wider scale


Our references

Introduction of an experimentation programme on three themes (energy, urban cooling, digital). 10 innovative schemes or services in the process of deployment.
Support with their innovation strategy. Evaluation of an experimentation programme on water and soil management. Development of new experimentation on lighting. Support for the Med’Innovant innovative start-up selection programme.
Introduction of an experimentation programme addressing three themes (mobility, energy, construction). 25 innovations studied or in the course of study.
Introduction of an experimentation programme on the tropical and island city.
Introduction of experimentations aimed at reducing the energy consumption of stations (lighting, escalators).
Development of a programme of innovative mobile solar farms to make use of urban wasteland.

Contact us

Éric Parent

DGA en charge du pôle Innovations urbaines

Email : e.parent@efficacity.com