EfficaciTech Week, a foretaste of future Technical Committees

EfficaciTech Week, which ran from 13 to 20 October and involved over 50 people, provided a foretaste of new forums for dialogue between members’ operational teams: the Technical Committees. These will be organised throughout 2018, starting in March, as Efficacity projects advance.

EfficaciTech Week kicked off this process of periodically measuring R&D results against the needs of business units with a view to knowledge appropriation and transfer, but also to obtaining feedback on the operational nature of the research work undertaken and suggestions for the direction future work should take.

Would you like to take part in the next CoTech?

Future CoTechs will be open to profiles such as technical management, experts or technical sales teams.

For more information, contact Matthieu Bugel: m.bugel@efficacity.com