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Nonlinear Control for DC MicroGrids enabling Efficient Renewable Power Integration and Ancillary Services for AC grids

Alessio Iovine, Miguel Jimenez Carrizosa, Gilney Damm, Pedro Alou

In Situ Calibration Algorithms for Environmental Sensor Networks: a Review

Florentin Delaine, Bérengère Lebental, Hervé Rivano

Comparison of Direct and Indirect Active Thermal Energy Storage Strategies for Large-Scale Solar Heating Systems

Xiaofeng Guo, Alain Pascal Goumba, Cheng Wang

Nonlinear control of a DC MicroGrid for the integration of distributed generation based on different time scales

Sabah Benamane Siad, Ahmad Malkawi, Gilney Damm, Luiz Lopes, Lilia Galai-Dol

Power management for a dc microgrid integrating renewables and storages

Lovine A., Rigaut T., Damm G.

Computer-aided placement of air quality sensors using adjoint framework and sensor features to localize indoor source emission

Julien Waeytens, Sara Sadr

Stochastic decomposition applied to large-scale hydro valleys management

Pierre Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Vincent Leclère, François Pacaud

Exact converging bounds for Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming via Fenchel duality

Vincent Leclère, Pierre Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Arnaud Lenoir, François Pacaud

Stochastic Optimization of Braking Energy Storage and Ventilation in a Subway Station

Tristan Rigaut, Pierre Carpentier, Jean Philippe Chancelier, Michel De Lara, Julien Waeytens

Buildings energy consumption generation gap: a post-occupancy assessment in a case study of three higher education buildings

Mathieu Bourdeau, Xiaofeng Guo, E. Nefzaoui