Efficacity to take part in the FNCCR-ATEE study day on CHP

CHP as a local lever for exploiting renewable energy?

Utilities association FNCCR and environmental agency ATEE Ile de France are organising a study day on CHP on Thursday 25 January, in which Efficacity will be taking part.

Offering different scales of modularity and often associated with renewable energy sources, particularly for district heating, CHP is a major building block in a consolidated local energy production system.

Recent developments in terms of grant availability, tools structuring the electricity market (capacity markets, self-consumption), coupled with technical advances (particularly in terms of CHP), have created many new factors to be evaluated for both projects and existing facilities.

From a technical standpoint, is it possible to build an integrated self-consumption project based on CHP? How can CHP be managed to ensure effective exploitation of renewables? What complements can CHP provide at project scale?

As part of the study day, Efficacity will provide feedback on the incorporation of innovative micro-CHP technology into halfway house l’Autre Toit à Besançon, an award-winning project at the Trophées Gazosphère 2017.

Contact: Romain Bonabe de Rougé, research engineer

Download the full programme for the day here.

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