Efficacity took part in the ISO Group Meeting in Mexico in October 2017

Efficacity took part in the Group Meeting of ISO/TC 268 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” held in Mexico from 23-27 October.

ISO Technical Committee (TC) 268 develops international standards to support local authorities and all urban actors in the pursuit of sustainable development and energy, ecological and digital transition. Its work contributes to defining the management system and indicators for sustainable urban and territorial development, and to providing territorial authorities and all their stakeholders with a better understanding of digital technologies. Efficacity has been closely involved for several years with ISO/TC 268 and has participated directly in the development of international standards in these different fields.

At the latest TC 268 meeting in Mexico, Efficacity played a part in the finalisation of draft international standard ISO CD 37104, which will be submitted to the vote of ISO members in the first half of 2018. This is the first implementation guide for ISO 37101 “Sustainable Development in Communities – Management System for Sustainable Development” aimed at territorial authorities. ISO 37101 is the reference base for all standards produced by TC 268. Other ISO 37101 implementation guides are planned for 2018, including one for business districts and another for private developers.