Join us at the European Energy Transition Conference

We will be attending the 19th European Energy Transition Conference on 30 and 31 January and 1 February 2018. Why not join us there?

As part of the event, come along on Tuesday 30 January at 5.30 pm for the workshop “Co-benefits: arguments in favour of your energy transition projects” moderated by Efficacity.

Following the success of our participation in the 2017 Conference, held in Bordeaux, this year we set up a working group bringing together local authorities and businesses involved in energy transition to identify and evaluate the co-benefits. The group’s objectives were to:

  • Collate local authority needs and expectations on evaluating the co-benefits of energy transition (health, economic development, asset value as a factor in attractiveness, etc.)
  • Define how and on what terms local authorities could integrate these co-benefits into their policy decisions or energy efficiency programmes
  • Collect feedback from them on the tools and methods developed or envisaged

The presentation of the working group’s results will give an overview of existing methods and tools for evaluating and legitimising their ambitious energy transition projects, and of some of the first applications. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to exchange views and invite opinions and suggestions from participants.

To sign up for the workshop, register for the event!

Contact: Nicolas Damesin, research engineer:
Contact: Charline Froitier, Development and Valorisation Director ,